Charles LeaverThe CEO of tech security giant Ziften, Charles Leaver, has few peers when it comes to the ability to bring new security technologies to market and make money with them. Of course, he’s has a lot of practice, given that he has been a major player in virtually every aspect of the high-tech and mobile markets at one time or another. He has managed to secure patents for a number of very exciting technological advances over the years.

There is a lot more to Charles Leaver than that, of course. He has repeatedly demonstrated a strong ability to devise and successfully execute enormously complex business plans, he has been able to raise huge amounts of capital for start-ups and also to expand or build innovative, cutting-edge organizations. That said, of course, his primary area of expertise in the technology area lies in keeping you safe. Chuck Leaver has demonstrated extreme skill with all aspects of tech and cyber security, from his extensive experience in the areas of application software and infrastructure technologies, ERP, Web application development, E-Learning, and Gaming.