He has had a long tech career and during that career, Charles Leaver has demonstrated an especially strong aptitude for just about every aspect of tech security one can imagine. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at cybersecurity giant Ziften, his high level of knowledge and skill came about the hard way. He has extensive experience with many areas of tech, including application software and infrastructure technologies, E-Learning and Gaming. He is known as a strong businessman with the skill to be able to guide companies into moving the technological goal posts in a way that increases their profitability.

It is Chuck Leaver’s experience as an entrepreneur and executive that proves so valuable these days, but he has also served as a sales and management specialist and an advisor in many tech fields, but especially in the mobile and media sectors. His wide range of experience has made him one of the most important figures in the cybersecurity field. He got there through his management and ownership of technologically sophisticated lottery systems around the world.